Athletic Society

1. Athletic Society of JAGANNATH DEGREE MAHAVIDYALAYA consists of all members of the staff and the students. The Executive a. committee of this society consists of :

b. The Principal as Ex-officio President.

c. Two members of teaching staff nominated by the Principal one of whom will be Vice-President.

d. P.E.T.

e. Secretary

f. Asst. Secretary

g. One representative from each class.

2. Election

a. The Secretary from any class of +3 stream and Assistant Secretary from +3 1st yr. and 2nd yr. classes shall be elected by all the students from among themselves.

b. The Athletic council will elect Captains the Vice- Captains from among themselves for football, Hockey. Volley ball and other out door games as may exist. Only playing members shall be eligible for election to the office of Captain or Vice-Captain.

c. The Secretary or the Asst. Secretary can not be Captain of any game when he holds the office.

2.a. The Council’s tenure of office shall be for one academic session only.

b. The Vice-President and the Secretary elected in the previ- ous session shall carry on the work till the end of the ses- sion.

c. The Captain of foot ball elected shall continue to be the Captain till the end of the session.

3. The work of the council is to promote game and sports among students and to prepare the budget. The Principal is the final authority. He can make new rule or amend any existing one.

4. The Vice-President will be in-charge of accounts and will order goods to be purchased if any. He will be the General Superintendent of the game.

5. The Secretary will convene the meeting of the Athletic Council. He will prepare the annual report and conduct all correspondence assigned to him by the Vice-President.