(1)  A student is required to secure 75%of attendance in each subject (candonable to 60% in medical….) beside successful Performance in the FUE and SUE.

(2)  A student formed adopting  unfair means In the Examination is liable to be detained.

    University Examination –                                

(i)  A student with successful Performance at the test examination and required percentage of attendance and with good conduct is allowed to appear university examination.After the Test results are published the successful candidate are required to clean all their college dues and depend university exam fees eligible for appearing FUE,SUE,FNU,Exam.

(ii) The candidates are strictly prohibitted to enter into the examination hall with any incrementing materials except admit card ,i-denty card and Registration Receipt they are further required to observe strict descipline In the examination halls


For degree classes

(1) Pass mark –minimum-30% in each pass subject.

(a) And Elective subject 36%of marks in the aggregate.

(b) pass with distinction minimum-50% or more in aggregate of pass Hons. and Elective subject.

Honours –

45% in aggregate of all honours paper taken together and 50% or more in the agreegate of Eletive subject at the first chance 60% in agreegate of all honours  papers taken together distinetiv shall be awarded to a candidate if he/she secures reqired percentage of marks at the first second and final Degree examination in the first chance without any Back paper. A candidate who repeats Honours subject will lose distintion.


(a)  Every student is required to attend his/her classes regularly and punctually ,continious absence without permission is a serious breach of college discipline.

(b) The student should behave in the class room in desciplined manner and be attentive to the teacher.

(c)  Students are required to maintain discipline at the office and library.

(d) Students should bring their identy cards regularly and produce whenever required.

(e) Students should come to college in proper uniform.

(f)   Every student should watch the college Notice Board regularly to get the necessary information regarding all office orders,decisions and instruction given from time to time.

(g) It is the duty of the students to safeguard the properly  of their own aimamater and keep the building and the campus clean.

(h) Students should throw papers and polylthins ,plastic bags at specified places the college.

(i)    They must not tamper with the college electric and water fitting , library books , journals and notification .

They must not displace or damage the furniture of the college.Any damage to the college property shall be viewed seriously and the student concerned shall be penalised.